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If you love gardening as much as we do, you will definitely agree that a small garden is better than no garden at all! Although small gardens can be quite difficult to manage because of the limited space available, the outcome can be a very beautiful and peaceful mini garden that you can be very proud of.

Before we get into the top tips that you can use to make your small garden beautiful, let's talk about the challenges and opportunities that come with small gardens in general.

The greatest challenge for a gardener when faced with a small gardening space will obviously be the lack of space. Gardening is akin to an art form and gardeners are like the artists. Limiting the space in which an artist can create their art can have negative effects on the final product, some might say. We, on the other hand, see this challenge as an opportunity to be creative and find ingenious way to hack the small space that is available to us!

Think of it this way: anyone can make a huge garden look nice, but it takes a true artist to make a small garden shine!

Another challenge might be presented by the limited choice in terms of vegetation. When choosing plants for your small garden it's important to take numbers into consideration. Most plants will not like being planted too close together, so make sure you do a lot of research and choose plants that don't mind being crowded together. This will create lovely displays of multicoloured plants that will give your small garden a cottage garden vibe.

If you think that less is more when it comes to plants and vegetation in your garden, you might be better off choosing more small bushes and trees such as Bay, Magnolia and Lilac.

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As the summer approaches, you might be looking forward to leaving work and life worries behind for a week or two of relaxing and exploring.

Whether you're going on an exotic beach break, a city escape or a camping holiday in sunny Britain, leaving your home unattended is something that many people worry about doing.

Here we give you a few tips on how you can look after your house and your garden whilst enjoying your time away:

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It's official: Our furniture is fit for The Queen!

That's right, we're unbelievably proud to say that we have supplied some of our teak garden furniture to the Royal Sandringham Estate.

We recently provided 20 of our teak garden benches and 10 teak coffee tables to the estate, which is owned by Her Majesty.


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When the summer sun bathes your garden in golden light, there's nothing quite like a chilled out afternoon in the outdoors.

And what better way to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor living area than unwinding on a comfortable garden bench?

Whether you're relaxing with a book, having a catch up with friends, or just taking a break from an afternoon of gardening, a garden bench is the ideal way to savour your garden.


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Bonfire Night can be great fun. Wrapping up warm, throwing on your wellies and watching a local firework display can be one of the highlights of the year and the kids love the excuse to stay up slightly later than usual, eat lots of yummy food and be amazed by the sparkling sky.

However, it can also be dangerous and cause a lot of damage to your garden, particularly if you decide to have a bonfire or firework display on your own property.

But how can you ensure that everything is protected?

We've put together a few tips to make sure that your garden and home stays in perfect condition and your family stay safe this year...

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