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Wood Burning Stoves

Making your home or living area a warm, cosy and welcoming place to be with one of our stunning cast iron wood burning stoves and our Milano range of horizontal 2 & 3 column traditional radiators.

Rhone 4.5 KW Enamelled Wood / Multifuel Stove

Rhone 4.5 KW Enamelled Wood / Multifuel Stove Burning Stove
Showroom Price: £759.00Now: £329.00
Padstow 4.5 KW Enamelled Wood / Multifuel Stove

Cornish Cream 4.5 KW Enamelled Wood / Multifuel Stove
Showroom Price: £759.00Now: £379.00
Chianti 4.5 KW Enamelled Wood / Multifuel Stove

Aubergine 4.5 KW Enamelled Wood / Multifuel Stove
Showroom Price: £759.00Now: £369.00
Cast Iron 90 Degree Bend 5 inches wide

Showroom Price: £64.99Now: £37.98
Cream Enamel Flue Pipe

Matching Flue Pipe For Cream Stove
Showroom Price: £199.99Now: £89.99

For the cooler winter months, a wood burning stove can be the perfect addition to your home, providing a powerful and economical way of warming your living areas. Not only will it make your home warm and cosy, but a wood burner will also look beautiful as a decorative feature, both when in use and when it is off. Our cast iron wood burning stoves are available in a range of sizes, with various heat output levels offered. This means that you can choose the perfect sized wood burner for your home. Wood burning stoves also come in a broad range of styles and designs, from classic to contemporary, so you can be sure to find that matches your home's décor and theme.

As well as being a great way to heat your home and to create a comfortable atmosphere, many people also find that wood burning stoves are a great investment, saving them money on heating bills. We sell a wide selection of high quality cast iron multifuel wood burning stoves designed to burn both wood and coal at affordable prices. Established for over 20 years, the relationship we have with our manufacturing facility and the large quantity of stoves that we purchase enables us to pass huge savings onto you, the customer. Each stove is CE Certified to EN 13240:2001 and carries a back plate authenticating this certification. Each cast iron wood burning stove is also with German Schott high temperature safety glass. We also stock flue pipes for our wood burners.

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