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If you've bought a teak garden set and are now wondering how to care for it, the good news is that teak actually requires very little looking after.

One of the most common questions that arises in relation to teak outdoor furniture is whether or not it should be oiled. There are many oil based products available that are designed to be used on wooden garden furniture sets, and some of these are marketed towards teak furniture.


Teak outdoor furniture is very low maintenance, and there is no need to use teak oil or other treatments that claim to protect the wood.


So, should you oil teak garden furniture? The simple answer is: NO!

Here's why...


Oiling Teak Garden Furniture

One of the main benefits of teak is that it requires very little maintenance. Teak, particularly the high quality grade A teak, naturally contains an abundance of oils. It is these oils that help to protect the the teak from damage caused by weathering. The natural oils in teak also mean that it is protected from damage by termites or rot.

The natural properties of teak mean that it is a superb option for outdoor furniture. The strength and durability of teak means that it is ideal for simply enjoying your garden or outdoor space, without the need to worry about maintenance.

Unlike some wooden garden furniture sets which do benefit from an application of a treatment product, teak's natural oils mean that this is completely unnecessary. There is simply no need to oil your teak garden furniture.


Why You Shouldn't Use Oil On Teak

While some wooden garden furniture sets may benefit from additional protection offered by oil based treatments, teak is different in that it does not require this level of maintenance. If you are tempted by a product that claims to offer “teak protection”, think twice.

Top quality, grade A teak already has all the defence it needs to protect itself, without having to rely on additional products.

In fact, oiling outdoor teak furniture may actually result in more work for yourself, and can be damaging to the teak. There are a number of reasons to avoid oiling your teak outdoor furniture...

  • It will need regular coats: Once you apply a treatment, this will need to be repeated on an annual basis, if not more regularly. This is really frustrating, especially when you consider that teak is more than capable of caring for itself without your intervention.
  • Teak's natural oils don't need replacing: Many teak oils are solvent based and designed to replace the teak's lost natural oils. The thing is, these oils don't actually need replacing. The natural greying of teak is caused by the evaporation of oils near the surface, but the oils deeper in the wood are retained, which keep the teak strong and durable.
  • Oiling causes mildew: Many teak oil products and so-called protectors can actually cause a build up of mildew and mould, resulting in unsightly patches or irregular discolouring of the wood.
  • It can cause the teak to dry out: If you apply a teak oil or a treatment to the teak, you will have to be prepared to do it on a regular basis. This is because the teak will become reliant on the oil to stop it from drying out. It is best to not bother at all with any treatment, and to leave the teak to care for itself naturally.
  • Oiling can weaken the wood: If allowed to dry out, oiled teak can become brittle and less sturdy. This means that it won't last as long as if it had not been treated. Teak which is left to care for itself naturally lasts for many years, but applying treatments to it can shorten that lifespan dramatically.
  • Oiling is not necessary to maintain teak's colour: Although teak naturally greys over time (an effect which many people like), some people prefer it to keep its as new golden honey brown colour. But teak oil is not needed for this; simply scrubbing the teak with a soft brush and soapy water can restore it to its original colour. A purpose made teak renovation product can also assist with this without damaging the teak and stripping away the natural oils.


Don't Make More Work For Yourself!

While it can be easy to be swayed by products which promise to make your life easier, it's important to bear in mind that looking after teak garden furniture couldn't be any simpler!

Applying teak oils or care products to your outdoor teak furniture sets can actually result in more work, as well as decreasing the wood's lifespan. So don't use teak oil products on your furniture, and save yourself precious time and energy.

The beauty of a teak outdoor furniture set is that it requires such little maintenance; so you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy your garden.

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